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Hiring professional Movers

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Hiring professional Movers

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Going through the process of Hiring professional Movers company is something that requires a lot more than just one skill. You need to know how to pack, store, lift, move, fix, and so much more. Naturally, most of us don’t have all the skills that the moving process demands. This is one of the reasons we hire moving companies and some niche services to help us. Although amazing, this entails that you share a lot of personal information and really trust someone with a big portion of your everyday life. Sadly, not everyone has the best intentions. There are many companies that trick people and cause a lot of problems. Luckily, there’s always a bright side. Having a few tricks up your sleeve will help you avoid moving scams and have a peaceful move.

Choose carefully

Hiring professional movers is a huge task. This is why, in order to avoid hiring scam moving companies, you need to choose wisely. Use every trick in the book and double-check everything that might seem out of place.

Although it might sound a bit over the top, this is really necessary. Not succeeding in avoiding moving scams could cause you a lot of problems and result in a really big financial setback.


One of the best ways to avoid movers that scam people is to have someone you trust recommend them. This way, you’ll be slimming the chances of getting played significantly.

Hiring professional Movers
Hiring professional Movers

It’s important to have your real estate agent approve the moving company you’re hiring.

A real estate agent with his hand up in a thumbs-up motion.

  • Real estate agent
    If you’ve found a good real estate agent to sell your old home, they probably know some trustworthy moving companies. What’s more, if they’re not as familiar with the people that are in this business, they may be able to give you some pointers when it comes to avoiding moving scams. They must’ve heard a lot of stories over the years.
  • Friends and colleagues
    Who better to have faith in than your own friends and colleagues? The people that you know and trust are sure to have your best interest at heart. This makes them the perfect candidates for recommending movers that won’t trick you in any way.
  • Look them up
    If there’s no one in your life that can help you choose trusty movers, you need to find them yourself. Luckily, you can do this online. Make sure to really thoroughly check their ratings. Remember, the importance lies in the numbers, not the grades alone!


To steer clear of moving scams, try to find some bigger companies with a lot of experience. This way, you’ll be able to find a lot of people that have used their services and have opinions on them. Although hiring smaller and newer companies has its perks, if you want to avoid moving frauds, opt for those that have more than a few years behind them.

You, too should show experience. If you come across as someone who’s eager tomove as quickly as possible, chances are the people you’re hiring will sense it. Even if they’re not fraudulent movers, they might charge you more if they feel they can get away with it.

Take your time

If there’s something that’s going to help you make sure you’ve avoided a moving scam, it’s taking your time. If you go through every single thing in-depth, you probably won’t miss anything. Slow and steady wins the race. Succeeding tomake an educated choice based on all the hours of research you’ve put into choosing the right people for the job will pay off.

Taking your time and really reevaluating your choices will help you avoid moving scams.

A clock.

Be involved in the process

There’s nothing that beats your own involvement in the moving process. Even if you’ve got good recommendations from trustworthy people, the story doesn’t end there. You need to dedicate some time and energy into this move as well.

Meet in person

If a company states that they work only through the Internet, keep on looking. Statements such as this one are a sure red flag. Even if they’re not the big bad moving scam you’re trying to avoid, they’re not good enough for you. Try to find movers that’ll be flexible and tend to your needs as much as possible. You’re paying for a service, and you deserve to get the best one possible.

Contacting your future movers is also one of the ways to find out if they’re legit or not. Intuition is a big part of decision making. You should definitely take it into account while choosing your moving company. However, don’t rely on it fully. Avoiding moving scams requires looking at a lot more than one factor.


Having a contract is a must in order to avoid moving scams. Hiring a lawyer to go through everything with you is a really good idea. Don’t hesitate to point out anything that’s not working for you.

Get insurance

In the same way you’d want to get insurance to move your household belongings overseas, you need to ensure everything that you own so that the potential unavoidable scams don’t leave you high and dry.

An icon on a computer screen that says security.

Securing yourself with insurance will help you with possible moving scams.

An icon on a computer screen that says security.

Hire as few people as possible

Find a diverse company that’s ready to do more than one thing at a time. Not having to hire multiple services will help you avoid moving frauds.

No stress

With all this said, there’s one more thing that you need to be aware of. You’ve done everything you could in order to avoid moving scams. However, life throws us some curveballs from time to time. This means that you cannot control every single aspect of it, as much as you want to. Try to stay calm in whatever situation you find yourself in. If nothing, this way you’ll be able to have the best and quickest response and solve any problem ahead.

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