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Proper packing things for the goods moving services

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Proper packing things for the goods moving services

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Drive – it is very complicated and troublesome thing, Home packing and Moving for that – it is a great art. In most cases, if a person is suitable to move without proper attention and precautions to be taken during this event definitely something breaks or gets lost. To move did not turn in the subsequent calculation of damages and losses, you need to learn how to pack your things. Here are some of the tips that will help to minimize the damage from moving. All things packaging process can be divided into several stages.

Preparatory stage

It is necessary to think in advance about the packaging materials that will be used during the above event. This list is not already high, but that it states must be purchased:

  • Cartons of different sizes;
  • Old paper and special paper;
  • Bubble film and different types of adhesive tape;
  • A variety of soft cloth rags;
  • Garbage bags of various sizes and colors.

Also, be sure to purchase multiple markers or markers. This will mark the boxes and will significantly reduce the time required for unpacking things. It is necessary to remember that the quality and quantity of packaging materials often depends on the safety of things. Very large cardboard boxes also should not be used. The fact that they are too heavy since they fill things. A large cardboard box with things – commercial packers and movers it is a serious challenge even for a physically strong man.

A few simple additional tips

Do not start packing stuff with fragile items and utensils. First, you need to pack solid things: books, linen (bed and conventional), and clothing. Villa movers and packers then packed dishes and other fragile items. The last pack furniture and all available appliances.

All those things that are of particular value to humans: jewels, jewelry, cash and important documents should be packed separately from the rest of the property and, of course, to keep strictly to themselves. This requirement also applies to the most essential drugs.

Weight box with things, must not exceed 30 kilograms, but weigh it often is not possible. In this case, to determine the weight and portability of the box, the rule applies to “thumb”: if the box cannot move the thumb, it should alleviate some and remove some of the things that are put into it goods moving services

What is the correct sequence of the package of things when moving?

In order to pack as quickly as possible and without any extra cost of the nerve cells, it is necessary to adhere to a certain order of the package. In the first place, for the packing of ease, it is necessary to collect things from the shelves of cabinets and mezzanines. The bags for packing things stacked linens, clothing, and towels. Those bags where packed towels and bedding should be thoroughly sign and make sure that they are close at hand. Bed linen and towels will be needed in the first place.

The next step – packaging the books. The height of the stack of packaged brochures – no more than 45 centimeters. A stack of books – 15-20 pieces. All stacks of carefully rewound tape, voids in the box (this rule applies to the packaging of dishes) filled with newspaper or fabric cloths. Box have to be sealed with adhesive tape. Do not interfere, and glue seams with tape boxes. This will make it more durable.

Shoes and clothing must be packed in large travel bags, suitcases, large packaging bags (bags for large debris are perfect for this operation). If there are things that, in the exercise of apartment moving, kneading absolutely undesirable, you should use special covers made of plastic or fabric. These covers are guaranteed to help carry things, absolutely not mash them.

It came all packing items of kitchen utensils. Kitchen utensils that can damage the wall and bottom of the box in which it packed, must necessarily be wrapped with a cardboard. At the bottom of the box, in which you plan to pack your cookware, you need to put a layer of old newspapers or air bubble film. It is necessary and fill all the voids in the box of the same film, old newspapers, and Cloth rags. If you remain empty when packing dishes, very high chance that the dishes do not come to a new place of its location unharmed.

Furniture must be disassembled into its component segments and put in big boxes, having rewound the tape. Be sure to highlight the need to package small hardware because it is lost when moving more often. It is advisable to enclose the bottom of the strong box, in which packed furniture, corrugated sheets. Glass pieces of furniture, mirrors and paintings rewound tape and carefully packaged, wrapped in cloth rags, or, as stated earlier, bubble film.

How to transport appliances

All equipment is packed last on the list of things. Refrigerator thaw completely at least one day prior to the move. For large equipment is necessary to know its weight to movers can correctly place it in the car. The best option transportation of household appliances – is its packaging to their factory boxes, which it acquired. It is mandatory to pack equipment, securing it with foam. If the house is not foam, suitable soft fabric cloth or the same as the best material, Bubble film, you can use old newspapers.

The documents for home appliances should be put together with it to ensure that they do not get lost. This, incidentally, will help to avoid confusion and the installation of home appliances in a new house. In case you could not find a box of home appliances, in which it was acquired, be sure to indicate on the box or felt-tip marker, where the top and bottom of where technology. Otherwise, porters can damage the equipment when loading or unloading.

Each box must be signed

All those boxes are packed in bags and utensils must be signed by a marker or felt-tip pen on all sides. Loaders have no foresight and it can damage things (especially fragile and appliances) when loading and unloading. Sharjah UAE Relocation company If on the box will be marked by a marker of the correct location of objects or household appliances in it, movers cannot go wrong, and drive will not be marred by the breakdown or damage of things.

That is why you need to buy a marker before starting to pack and get ready to move. This small operation (mark marker on the box) will help to keep things intact.

What things are incompatible when moving?

In no event it is impossible to pack a book together with oil or coloring substances. It is fraught with corruption and their subsequent transfer to the trash. Household chemicals and food products must also not be in the same box. Relocation in Al Nahda sharjah and Dubai Why take the risk and get a great chance to get poisoned? Sharp objects should be kept as far away from fragile things.

Flammable substances, various solvents and varnishes to be packaged separately from the rest of things.

These are the tips that have been tested by time and tens of thousands of residential relocations. They will help to implement the move quietly and without loss. If a person has no desire to pack their things and arrange flat moving, you can seek the assistance of experts cooperating with They are real professionals who can quickly and properly pack, arrange your removal and take for their services is quite democratic payment.

Home packing and Moving
Home packing and Moving

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