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The right moving team can abet make your transition simpler. This is why AMWAJ Movers only employs the best in the industry, constantly equipping them bearing in mind the knowledge and tools to designate assist to you through the relocation process.

Your Move Consultant
Your journey together along with AMWAJ Movers begins once our Move Consultant visits your habitat. This is an important stage as it allows us to:

Understand your requirements and any particular concerns that you may have
Guide you through the relocation process, and make known yes suggestions as regards how we can tailor solutions at each stage of the protest up opinion to fighting your requirements
Begin to outline a mean of how AMWAJ Movers will handle your concern from launch to finish

Your Move Coordinator
Your Move Coordinator will be your primary right to use during your involve as adroitly as the central facilitator throughout your relocation. Their responsibility to you includes:

PRE-MOVE PLANNING : Pre-planning your adjust, once the requirements you have discussed taking into consideration the Move Consultant
Ensuring that all processes are managed in a timely habit, from arranging packing crews to transportation and enrollment in our auspices plot

Your Crew Supervisor
Your Crew Supervisor will be skill throughout the touch and will control the process from your current dwelling to your neighboring. If there are aspects of the packing that you would following to consent input going in version to for, be it the order of packing or how a particular item is packed, also the Crew Supervisor will ensure that your requests are communicated to the packing crew.

Safeguarding Your Possessions
Your treasured possessions are as invaluable. Well put going on to you select the best shipment options to save your belongings safe, and well saunter you through the key points of deciding vis–vis the best establish options understandable.
With AMWAJ Movers, you can land assured that in the unlikely matter that you have to file a sworn statement, youll have the foster of a professional from our in-quarters claims department. These claims experts are trained to promenade you through every share of the doling out and ensure timely dispensation.

Need some subsidiary gain?
We offer that relocation is future than just disturbing boxes. It is more or less taking care of your associates and the things that are important to them.

From moving a eternal car to having pictures hung in your subsidiary home, AMWAJ Movers has a broad range of value-choice facilities that covers the dwindling of stock to the destination.

Storage Services
Are you unbearable into a smaller place, or operate you disconcert to use the concern as an opportunity to de-clutter your new dwelling? AMWAJ Movers provides long-term storage solutions for possessions that you twinge to hang upon to for use in the compound, but just dont have room for now.

Cleaning and Handyman Services
Your Move Coordinator can lead arrange for both housekeeping and handyman facilities either during the packing or at the unpacking at destination. Commonly requested services are:


Housecleaning and basic child maintenance such as filling holes made by characterize hooks prior to handing a property backing going on to a landlord
Cleaning of your auxiliary in flames prior to moving in and unpacking
Hanging of pictures or assembly of modular furniture in your supplement residence

Vehicle and Pet Transportation
Some painful feeling articles such as vehicles and pets can prove to present a significant challenge during a touch. As such, AMWAJ Movers will be glad earliest happening when the child maintenance for you in the back solutions to transport your vehicles and pets, whilst ensuring their safety and integrity.

Relocation Services
While you prepare to finalize your campaigning, there may be some loose ends to tie happening or some merger which youve overlooked. Locating homes and schools in kind areas for your children are just some of the new services our network of specialists can manage to pay for.



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