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Need your gym out of your home? Here are some tips for storing your exercise equipment in the safest way possible.

Need your gym out of your home? Here are some tips for storing your exercise equipment in the safest way possible.
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Tips for storing your exercise equipment

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Moving house or downsizing is often challenging in terms of storage space. This is particularly complicated with heavy and bulky items such as exercise equipment. Let’s say you don’t use that treadmill anymore or you don’t have space in your home at the moment. Should you get rid of it? Absolutely not! In case you need these items again, storage units are a perfect solution. This guide will remind you of the most important things to consider when storing your exercise equipment to keep them safe and ready to use again.


One of the essential steps of preparing your equipment for storage is cleaning. Removing any dust, moisture, oil, and other dirt is necessary to make your equipment last as long as possible. Therefore, use some cleaning supplies to disinfect all the items, including smaller pieces such as weights, mats, etc.Even if you haven’t used them for a while, it is necessary to wipe the equipment before placing them in a storage unit.

Bonus tip: apart from cleaning the items, there’s an additional step of preparing them for storing. Lubrication is a great way to keep your equipment in great shape. Chrome weights, some of the treadmill’s parts, etc., need grease to keep them from deteriorating after some time.

weights in three different colors symbolizing tips for storing your exercise equipment
Clean, disinfect and lubricate everything before storing your exercise equipment


One of the hardest things to do is to move bulky exercise equipment from one place to another. They are heavy to lift and carry, as well as to transport. That’s why you should always disassemble everything you can before packing for storage. Most of the pieces can be taken apart, so be sureto check the manual you got when you purchased them. This will result in several benefits:

  • easier transport and removal,
  • cleaning in a few easy steps,
  • packing parts separately is a much safer option,
  • simple storing in the unit.

Therefore, whenever you buy fitness equipment, check if the bulky and heavy pieces have the disassemble option. This is particularly important whenever you purchase items on the internet. Disassembling options, along with the quality of production, materials used, and specifications of a product, is one of the most important things to consider when ordering it. Therefore, make sure you read product descriptions thoroughly before adding anything to the cart.

Be careful with electronics

Nowadays, most of the exercising equipment comes with smart technology and other electronic options. However, even though it’s a great thing to have, it makes the items more delicate. Electronic parts are sensitive to temperature changes, pressure, and moisture. That’s why it is essential to adequately pack and protect these items while they are in a storage unit. The main tips for storing electronic equipment are:

  • properly shut down the device before unplugging it. Sudden unplug can damage the software.
  • remove batteries if possible, as they can leak out and damage the device while in storage.
  • cover the device adequately, so it doesn’t get dust all over it. These tiny particles of dirt can damage the software easily.
  • rent a climate-controlled storage unit – as electronic devices are susceptible to extreme temperatures and sudden changes, it’s best to take a unit that will keep the temperature stable all the time.
treadmills in a gym
Protect electronics when storing your exercise equipment

Dealing with smaller, delicate items

Soft and delicate items also require special attention during packing. Mats, resistance bands, balls, etc., can get damaged when left uncovered in a storage unit. That’s why you should go for sealed containers and store smaller things in them. If these boxes are not see-through, it’s a good idea to write what’s inside on the lid. It will keep you organized and ensure you find anything you want much faster, even after a long time.

Remember: Keeping items in storage is excellent, but it can be risky. That’s why it’s best to make an inventory list of everything you put in the unit. The perfect method is to take photos of your items and write down the list. It will be proof of the condition of your items in case anything happens.

Focus on the safety

Even though you’re in a hurry to remove the exercise equipment from your home, you should always make your health a priority. These items can be weighty and bulky, which makes them tricky for lifting and carrying. There are things you should consider when storing your heavy exercise equipment:

  • never lift more than you can – it is dangerous and will lead to back injuries and other health issues. Know your limits and never go over that line.
  • get help – unless you’re hiring professional movers to help you move the equipment, be sure to get some help, such as your friends or relatives. Recruit your team for a couple of hours, and make this task easier and more enjoyable.
  • learn the correct lifting techniques – even though something is not too heavy, it can cause you injuries if you don’t lift or carry it properly.
  • use tools to help you out – a dolly, straps, gloves, and other tools will make this task a lot easier and, more importantly, safer.
Protect electronics when storing your exercise equipment
Don’t lift items that are too heavy

Find a safe place for storing your exercise equipment

It is necessary to pick a reliable storage company that can keep your items safe at all times. Therefore, one of the most important tips for storing your exercise equipment is always to go for recommended locations, high-quality storage units, friendly staff, and secure premises. It will provide you with the much-needed peace of mind while your fitness equipment is waiting for you to start using it again.

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